My first legendary. What was yours?

Paramoloch is my first legendary hybrid.
What was yours?


This beautiful beast :heart_eyes:


Indo rex
Currently working on spinotharaptor and alankylossaurus

I have nodopatosaurus on 15 lvl and amargasaurus on 12 lvl. But first I will create stegodeus

Apato and Stego were both rampant when I started … it made leveling both at the same time feasible. With the current meta tho , I’d pick one and try to put everything you can in it.

My giga has been retired for months and is sitting at level 19 while stegod is 28…

I think for me it propably was Indominus. Might have also been Stegodeus. Can’t remember for sure.

Same as you. :slight_smile:

I didn’t like her at first, but she’s grown on me and she’s won me many battles.

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Indominus Rex was my first. I’ve created 5 Legendaries thus far, and hoping to get 2 more by New Year’s.

But my paramoloch is on 16 lvl but I have 235 stygimoloch DNA

You’ll get there. Just keep darting those parasaurs and once you’re high enough in the arena you’ll be getting Stygi dna like candy

I know it but now I want indo rex

Work towards it then. :slight_smile:

I remember creating stegod and I thought that was the neatest thing on earth at the time. :grin:

Stegodeus was my first legendary hybrid

My second hybrid was Indominus Rex



from paid-legendary incubator tho. I just couldn’t resist temptation on that first time it’s on sale :rofl::rofl:


I created stegodeus and tragodists on the same day, can’t remember which one I created first.

my first legend: stegodius
my first unique: indoraptor

…i think almost everybody has this same trend of history last time👆🏻. but now maybe not anymore. because common stegosaurus now already difficult to find.
So am not shock paramoloch will be the first legend in new era.

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My first and so far my only legendary is the Indominus Rex. I wish the attack more closely resembled the T-Rex, but overall she is very fun to use.

1st allison (inc)
2nd irex (inc)
3rd ankyntro (inc)
4th giga first made
5th stegodeus made

Stegodeus❤️the best!