My first legendary. What was yours?


Mine was this fierce beauty! About 6 months ago or so. :crazy_face:

My first was monolometrodon! Started playing the game like about a month or a bit more before the 1.4 update and he came out known as the first legendary u can craft with commons only. Thought he was the coolest and he still is. Currently lv 23 and climbing!

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In my opinion monolometrodon is good but not very special. I think he needs a def shater rampage or distracting rampage against impact

Tragodistis. So far my only legendary.

Deus and Indominus…

indominus rex!

Tragodistis and Stegod (trago was first, 5 mins after it was stegod turn)

I agree that he doesn’t pack the biggest punch but his immunity and speed is what makes him special in my opinion. that’s why he’s most useful against those fragile sweepers. He outspeeds most of them and with the distracting impact he can take their hits until he finishes them off with DSI or followed by DSS. He’s kinda like a utility version of magnapyritator without as much teeth. I don’t think he’s doing too bad this patch but I am hoping for a buff in the future.

Stegodeus, Indominus Rex, Tragodistis, Paramoloch, Monolometrodon, Monostegotops, Pyrritator, Megalosuchus, Monomimus, Tyrannolophosaur, Tryostronix and Spinotasuchus in this order.

Stegodeus, Indominus, Tragodistis, Paramoloch, and Allosino, in that order (I think, I may have done trago and para the other way around).