My first Legendary


With the abundance of Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus now in the game, took me no time.

Do you remember your first legendary? :slight_smile:


Here comes the flood of Stegodeus.
Better work on your tank crushers people.


Gratz!! I’m literally one Nodosaurus away from getting my Stegodeus too! And I’m so excited, she will be my very first legendary too!!! <3


Pfft I couldn’t find a nososaurus if my life depended on it


Or a nodosaurus either


According to Metahub, Nodosaurus just became a global spawn any time of the day. Which seems pretty accurate. I saw several last night and a couple today. Nodopatosaurus is also a global spawn any time and both Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus are global spawns during the day. Which basically means everyone is going to start having Stegodeus in no time XD


Just as I read that comment, look what popped up on my run. I have plenty of nodo pts to share. I had a situation with no apatosaurus in my area for the longest time, now when I step outside they are just flooded everywhere. Feel like my stegodeus can finally catch up with the rest of the team lol. Nodosaurus have been spawning a lot more frequently as of lately.