My first legendary!


First of all I would like to say that I have not paid a dime for this game but I have seriously grinded the parks near me to get ( most recently velociraptor) DNA

Woke up this morning to a small incubator that gave me some velociraptor strands of DNA. Just enough to give me another 500 strands to try to create indominus rex. I got lucky and drew a 30 and finally got my first legendary!!!

The new updates have most definitely changed the game but IDK …the velociraptor parks thingy gave me way more than I ever thought I would get.

I am two strands short of getting BLUE.

Hope to get him tomorrow!!!


Is two strands twenty? And good luck!


Well played and well done on doing it F2P, its such a sense of achievement not buying your way up the ladder dontcha think? Gratz!!


Well done… Now to grind and find some more DNA :slight_smile: