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My First Level 30

Finally! My baby

Huge thanks to my awesome alliance, this wouldn’t have been possible without them!


gg perhaps Quetzorion might be next if you have it on your team but good luck cause you have a issue in that quetzalcoatlus don’t spawn no more


When I get my lvl 30 I Might consider blue as one of the earliest ones

Gratz mate well done =D


I just realised that will probably destroy the snek strike

Quetzorion is definitely one I’d like to get to level 30! Quetzal has held me back for a long time, before she even became exclusive.

I have 7,000 quetz. Area 2 was crazy in 1.14 but even it started to become more rare a few weeks before the update. Wish I could donate. Nice job on Carnotarkus tho. I’m working on indy. @RaptorGang, you have that much blue!?

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All hail the cow!


Thylacotator would like to know your location :joy:

But really congrats man

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congrats!!! @Delta tarkus is pretty good

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Thanks all!

Best legendary imo(besides phorosora).Rlly fun playing with him can’t wait to get mine to 30,Gratz

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