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My First Level 30!


And you bet your rear I’m still fusing in case of a super-hybrid!



She’s a beauty. Mines almost lv 20 so I’ve still a fair bit to go.


such an inspiration. Mine reached lvl 25 this week. I cant wait for lvl 30! How long did it take you to go from 25 to 30?


Congrats!! 25k for a hybrid holy…

But why does it show 0/25.000 instead of 0/MAX?


The app was starting to freeze up during the fuse. It couldn’t take the awesome power of Her Holy Majesty!

When I reloaded the app, it corrected itself and now says MAX.

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Mines only lvl 13, great achievement


Did you have to sublet the fuse button operation so you could take a break? Just got mine to a 25 and thought about running an ad for help or train my girl dog to step on the green button. Congrats!!!


I can’t imagine how many times you had to click the fuse button. I just got mine up to 23 and it’s no fun leveling him up cuz it takes forever with the clicking.


Congrats, now what ya gunna max next ?


Congrats got mine to 26 yesterday now starting the slow journey to 27.


program this to click once every 7 seconds or so, thank me later.


Very nice. I calculated based on an average of 22.5 that you need about 260,000 irritator gen 2 and 260,000 suchomimus and about 5200 combines (Button clicking)


It really depends on what I actually see the DNA for. If it wasn’t for this accursed ‘Stegosaurus are now park spawns’ migration, I’d have a level 30 Stegodeus at this point.

I think the most LIKELY one to hit 30 next is Spinotasuchus, given how the ingredients are FAR more forgiving than, say, Indoraptor or Thor.