My first level 30! 😍😍


well done,even if indo is not good as 1.7.
He will probably get a buff in 1.9 or later :wink:

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Congrats! The first one is always special :hugs: what’s the next one you are working on?

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This Is the next One. He hasn’t too much life at the moment but I can assure u it’s really hard to kill.
Two levels and two life boosts and It will have 5400 more or less about life plus 15 percent of armour.
The damage will increase at level 30, more or less 2700 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: a Terminator!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Grats. That’s a ton of raptor dna.


In the 1.8 upgrade the damage Is increased about of 150 damage… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: yeah!!! I don’t know what I could do with that… I hope in the next UPGRADE, you can convert the useful DNA to money :wink::wink:

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Not too bad,its still good to take,but its still too squishy because of the dodge nerf,i hope they will buff it later

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I wouldn’t wanna run INDO that thing in the arena lol

Congratulations on first level 30 dinosaur. Mine is level 27 but ready for 28 and a lot of Indom, Rex and Raptor DNA to get close to 29.


Nice! Indo’s the only one I’m massively leveling, Lv28 7/6/6 whereas my next highest is 23 and 5/5/5.

I might bench him soon though for Diorajasaur or Erlikospyx. Not because I think he sucks like everyone else does. But because a Lv28 on a team of 21-23 makes my opponents outlevel and outboost most of my team.


nice my first and only is Stegodeus.

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How are you only level 17??

i am sure… lost 2 and half dinos to finish one boosted lvl 30 here at low aviary hahahaha.

this one… thanksfully my last dino smashed all these other level 1 hahaha.

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That person using level 1s and then super powerful dinosaurs to get his team average down and thus stomp lower level teams makes me sick.

Hope he gets all his level 1 in 20 matches in a row and gets tanked. Would serve him right.

Its one thing to use lower level but EQUAL level dinosaurs so your team average is fair, but that it straight up trying to get easy opponent and then winning because they cant take down those 30s.

When I created my B Team I removed all my high levels and went with 20-23, as were my opponents.

Some players just have no semblance of fair play -_-.

that player lost for me, but i almost lost every team for that utasino (boosted 153 speed, 2100+ damage and 5000+ health).

my luck was dracocera finished it and has speed and damage enough to finish other lvl1 dinos. if player has 1 more high level selected (like that draco or tryko) was a bye bye for me.

but player was 5100+ trophies (leader and top ranked of his/her alliance). maybe that strategy is working, fair or not.


Yep that would be his strategy of winning. Puts the level 1s so the system see’s his team average as really low, then gets easy opponents who will badly struggle to take down those 30s.

Im betting he wins most of his matches this way. Someone like that only uses such tactics to make up for the fact they suck at the game.

I would be interested to see the level of the opponents (or should I say victims) he faces. Im betting he gets teams in the low 20s, which will have an extremely hard time taking down those high level dinosaurs.
Whats even more sad, is that he STILL resorts to using the rat EVEN with this pathetic tactic. What a joke the matchmaking is when something like that can be done!

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what could be some remedy suggested for that?
matchmaker trying to detect so high differences in team dinos like this, and punish that strategy matching with players with stronger teams, with dinos closer than those lvl 30?

my question about matchmaker, is… if matchmaker starts to be so restrictive to set more fair battles, we start to fight more a.i. with no matches.


I would have the matchmaking check to see if there were level 1s on the team with super high levelled dinosaurs, based on level difference. And when its detected put the player in a match with full level 30 max boosted bots.

And have the bots take a full 14 seconds to select each and every attack the entire match.

Bet they won’t do it again!

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