My First Max Boosted Creature

This may surprise you but I did end up max boosting Refrenantem, I’ve been having tons of fun with with, so I decided to make it the first max boosted Dino on my team. What was your first max boosted creature?


Nice! I haven’t been playing for super long, so I don’t have any max boosted creatures yet.

Mine was Mortem, and I think you will fare much better than I have!

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I’ve been playing since late November last year.

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Mine is Quetzorion kind of I have 22/22 boosts on it, I’m working on a 10/10/10 tryo for raids.

Same here, I’m having tons of fun with my Ref

awesome man. i like the design. it’s the only Apex i’m going to keep doing after i unlock it. i plan on max leveling it. i don’t know about any boost or not. congrats.


Cool! You must have won many raids!

A max boosted Tryo for raids is not the best idea. I have 0 boosts on tryo at 26 and it works just fine in basically any raid. Even if you have a lower level one, you should only need to put a few boosts into health and attack. Why would someone need a 145 speed tryo for raids? The only reason that this would be a good idea is if you also intended to use it in the arena and in tournaments…

Yeah, I would use it for raids, arena, and tournaments

Mine is mortem with 28/29 boosts.

Yeah, same here, but I’m gonna max boost her. The model is :fire:

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Not to be pedantic but it is only level 26, so not really max boosted.

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That’s when I started too

Well can I put any more boosts on it?

Yes, I can.