My first one!


I hope I get some epic so need! How has your luck been with em?


I believe these have epic guaranteed in them. What one is a toss up and based on your arena.


I’ve had 2 of them since i’ve been playing. Seems to be around every 3 weeks, i think i’ll be due one next week. My last one was in arena 5, but i’m now at the top end of arena 6, 2919 so I could get an arena 6 or 7 one! I love it when I get them as it means I can rest from battles for 24hrs!


I have had 4 or 5 and I have been playing for two months


Let me get this right, you’re level 14, and it’s your first epic incubator…

Something here does not add up


Maybe the first arena 8 epic?


All depends on how often you battle, right?


There is no chance in hell you get to level 14 having done less than say 100 battles atleast… and you need to do less than that to get a 24h incubator


I actually got 10 Utasinoraptor DNA out of my last one, so legendary dna from these is possible!


Technically level 14 can be attained without ever winning a single battle, but being in arena 8 (4000 trophies) as this shows would require you to win a minimum of 134 battles if you gained 30 trophies each time.


That’s my point… Something not right


Every time I view the team of the member that just crushed me in battle with high level legendaries, I think “something’s not right.”
Maybe that something’s me and my poor strategy? Oh well…


The $7000+ in cash and 58 thousand tokens also leave a few follow up questions… whatever, don’t care enough. Best of luck dude, hope U got something good :man_shrugging:t4:


Sorry my first in arena 8. But I haven’t got one in a couple months when I first started.


Thank you! 4 more hours


Sorry yes. First one in arena 8. But I haven’t gotten one since i was in the first 2 arenas


58k coins isnt a lot. Im sittin on like 76k right now lol


Not much now. Lol just upgraded my tragodistis.=( I’m broke now