My first post on this forum: Ultimasaurus concept

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The art for the icon is NOT made by me, I screenshot it from Reddit, not from the original creator tho. I have no original source for it

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Welcome to the forums! This looks pretty good, though I would buff the crit chance to 30, and the speed to 110.

Apex rarity is the perfect place to bring in Ultimasaurus. Personally, i would like to see some form of decel ability with it as well considering her make up. but i also like this concept.

The problem is if I’d give this a decel ability it might feel like another Tryko, getting the speed advantage in turn one and doing massive damage in turn two

Thanks for welcoming me! I didn’t want it speed and crit chance higher than of the other strong fierce creatures because it has armor AND stun

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fair point. what about vulnerability?

Vulnerability might not be bad but it is usually a move to counter cunning creatures which this creature is supposed to be not as strong against. And the only vulnerability moves that don’t decelerate are expose weak spot and vulnerability strike (I might forgot one). That would mean that I would have to reduce its fierce power.

not necessarily. There’s always creating moves of your own that will fit the creature.
Mortem has Roar. Spinoconstrictor has its own unique ability. i think Ultimasaurus should have its own unique ability that sets it apart from other fierce creatures.

Yeah, you’re right. I didn’t spend much time making this

That doesn’t look to bad but a creature with 1700 swap in damage? That’s a bit over the top. Especially for a legendary creature that has 2 easy to get components

it is now unqiue, now harder to make than most, maybe 1600 damage

Ultimasaurus: tryko plus monostego (just for fun)
Attack: 1500
Hp: 3900
Speed: 109
Armor: 30
Crit: 20
Resilient Impact
Fierce Rampage
Invincible Dig In Taunt
Swap in Stunning Strike
medium counter attack
100% vulnerable resist
If tryko was fused with any ceratopsian, it would be the best dino in the game

Ultimasaurus: tryko plus ceramagnus
Fierce Resilient
Attack: 1500
Speed: 109
Hp: 4350
Crit: 20
Armor: 30
Resilient Strike
Group Acceleration
Fierce Rampage
Instant Invincibilyt Taunt
Swap in stunning Strike
Medium Counter Attack
100% decel
50% vulnerable
100% stun
Both of these dinos are insane but I think I would rather use the monostego version cuz that would last all game while the ceramagnus would die after like two kills