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My first QnA

Hey everyone. Its been one year since I was in the forum, and want to say thank you for all your support. To celebrate my one year being here, I’ll be doing a QnA post for all you forumer a question. Before you give me a question, here are the rules of it.

  1. Don’t ask me a personal question. It’s against the rules.

  2. Don’t post anything inappropriate. That’s also against the rules.

  3. No racism talk, or being rude. Also against the guideline.

  4. Always ask me a clean question.

  5. Have fun

QnA beings now


Why did you decide to do the Creature Files?

I realize that there aren’t any creatures that appears in the game, especially the obscure creatures that needs more attention, like Noasaurus, and Zby.

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I’m really sad this didn’t pick up :frowning:

Me too. I thought everyone will give me a question

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I’m disappointed

I expected something bigger

But anyways, Happy Anniversary!

Thank you.

No problem, you deserve it

Happy can day. Since you want questions. What is your favorite Dino in real life and jwa.

I actually don’t have one

what Dino are you currently working towards?

What do you mean?

as in what creature are you planning to get next in jwa

You mean my creature file?

What is your creature file?

Creature file is a concept file that shows creatures that are not in the game. Some of which are creatures that needs more attention, while some that are mostly request for Jurassic world Alive

Like Godzilla?

No. Prehistoric creatures