My first tournament: a few observations

First I would like to thank Ludia for allowing us to play this week’s tournament completely free. The entry fees of previous ones kept me away, as I’d rather use my earned HC to buy boosts for arena battles.

I usually don’t have the time to devote an entire weekend to tournament play, so I probably only played an hour or less on each of my two accounts.

Once I discovered that my reward dropped from 25,000 coins to 5,000 with one loss, I fought my way back to 25,000 and stopped on both accounts. This reminds me of a slot machine. Back in the days when I used to play nickel machines in the 90s just for fun, I always quit when I won $20 or more.

Titanoboa, Marsupial Lion, and Allosaurus Gen 2 were the most fun to play. Woolly Mammoth and the turtle yielded the best results.

At least twice my opponents made this mistake with Woolly Rhino, which is immune to DoT. I did too the first time I used it.

It was fun at times, but I honestly can’t see myself ever devoting an entire weekend to tournament play. An hour or less, maybe. I enjoy hunting the most.

I had slight variations in my team. This was my main account team.

Second account team


Stopping when you’re happy with your reward is very important.
I dropped all the way from 48th place to 144th in the last two hours or so, and then my phone decided to spazz out and lock me out before I could get back into the top 100.

Still salty that my reward was cut in half.

It’s always like all the bad RNG and speed ties concentrate themselves toward the end.

Anyway, if there’s more tournaments like this in the future, then no sweat. As long as I manage to place decently well, running out of coins will be a thing of the past🤗.

Combined with the reasonably-priced microtransactions, I like the direction Ludia is going with these tournaments. I hope they keep it up.


Oh yeah it can be very frustrating with speed ties, bad draws, getting hit through your dodge and not hitting through, getting critted, and not critting yourself. You can lose 100 trophies in a blink of an eye all due to rng, rng fest. And this is why it can be annoying with skill level dinos. But it is fun to sit and use new creatures that we would not use in the arena. I would honestly name them rng skill tourneys.

Then on default level dinos they include boosts…


Why can’t they just make the rewards highscore-based?

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Hmm they could at least try that out, and see how it goes. I’m not sure how it would go. But I imagine players would battle more that way. Instead of risking an rng drop out haha.

I do have fun in them though mostly because if using creatures you don’t usually use.

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I thought this tournament was fun, I had actually forgotten about it, so I joined yesterday and still managed to get 25,000 coins. So pretty good still :ok_hand:


I played until I reached 25,000. If the reward went down to 5,000, I would go back in.

Screenshot_20200210-103156_JW Alive

This was my final result, but not my team. Lol

(Leveling up Erlidominus made me very broke, so I need to build up my coins again.)


My concerns despite placing 120 approx and 250k coins. Good result for me.

  1. Matchmaking issues: at least I played three matches in a row with Andy. Bad luck or whatever but losing these three matches in a row made a straight advantage to him of 90 points at the very end of yesterday.Playing against the same player two or three in a row should not be possible.

  2. Despite I had a lot of fun, still think RNG doesn’t work as it should. Absurd critical hits in important moments (both in favor and against me).

  3. No limit in battling: other games such as Power Rangers Legacy Wars have a battle limit. This means you start battling and by the moment you lose 10 times… 20… Or whatever, tournament is finished for you and receive the reward you owe. The mechanics we have now let you play and play and play and play with almost any risk…

For example, when the tournament started I won 10/12 battles in a row. Lost one, then won another 6/7… Lost another…

In the end, my win/loss ratio is quite better than some higher ranks because the possibility of “unlimited battling”. Not saying it is unfair but would like to see another mechanics.

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I played one battle and intentionally lost to see how many players participated in a free tournament. It should have been a very high number. I was very surprised to see it was less than 50,000. I remember a few months ago that number would have been over 200,000 with a not-so-cheap HC entry fee.


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When I was still experimenting with team composition on my main account I lost quite a bit, and I think I saw over 55,000. Anyway, my second account dropped from the 4884 you see in my OP to 5363 even though I stopped when I reached 25,000 coins yesterday, so I still ended up with only 5,000 coins.

My main account reached a high enough score that it didn’t suffer the same fate.

100% agree, I always think that I could win before I immediately lose and getting less rewards


The problemI see with “limited” battle is exactly because of the RNG nature of battles. What if youre unlucky and all your swap in stuns/reg stuns dont work. What if you just dont draw the tournament powerhouse at all during all your matches? What if you get back to back unlucky 5% crits in an otherwise sure win match?

I think having limited matches would be way more unfair because you just wouldnt be able to recuperate from a bad RNG string like you can currently do.


That’s a good point. Didn’t think about it.

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Sounds about right. You don’t need to get very far to at least make back your entry fee. I mainly see it as a nice little way to break up the combat monotony. Getting really competitive with them makes a different story, but if you’re casual, a few wins in should make it worth your while.
With some few exceptions.

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