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My first two Indoraptor Fuses!


After beating the epic Fast incubator, I got enough Vraptor to get 100 Indominus Rex DNA and 4000 Raptor left for Indoraptor! My first fuse was 50 and my second fuse was 30!


Lucky shot


It’s the RNGs way of saying, “Hi! Everything is fine, please come in! /evil grin”

Meanwhile, an entire horde of winged, and fanged, “10s” are lurking just around the corner. Evil, pesky little demon 10s that will have your soul.


Grats and good luck.


Lucky u. I started and continued with 20s and many many 10s.


Ok looks a bit mean sry.
Congrats and really wish u luck for ur next fuses! :wink: