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My first unique :D


First unique :smiley:

But who should I bench in his place


Get ready for it to turn 22 by this weekend :birthday:

How useful has tryox been at this level in your tier ?

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Allosino or Indominus. First is your weakest dino in team and second rely on cloak and luck.


I would say utah he is the lowest level of your team… indo gives you a little more speed and less of a worry your utah will lose speed ties do to low level.


Mine Tryo is lvl 22 and one of most important dinos in team. Can take two hits from same lvl or even few levels higher Spinota.


Have to say he’s pretty good, have had to learn how to use him but I like his playstyle. I’m hanging around 4100-4300 trophies atm.


Yeah that was my first thought aswell, I’ll just try it and see how it goes. Can always switch things around a bit :slight_smile:


Because ive spent some time in thst trophy range a level 17 utah is to low for there… most of the ones you face in that trophy range are 19-20.

Indom is great for opening there still because he can straight up kill spinotah… allo is good for stegod and tragod which you face alot of… i had to bench my utah in this trophy range until i got him back up to 19


Congratulations @MrAtkins! Indoraptor is a great addition to any team.


Indo is definitely a game changer! Will probably never leave your team too.


I absolutely love tryox … I just remember when I got him, we had to level him up a bit before it became useful … needless to say, if it works keep him on …

My vote Would then be Indom …
At 20, it’s attack is on the low side, and it’s cloak becomes far to easily managed at its low-ish speed

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Indom is still one of the best openers in thar trophy range cause your mostly facing 19-21 spinotahs as openers and indom can kill them straight up without cloak. Then possibly can use cloak vs dino 2 depending on what they use next.

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Indominus is pretty underrated, it’s a literal monster if used right.

If I were you, I’d definitely bench Utahsinraptor for now.

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Just no! :sweat_smile:
@Calebrys … need your help here bro


It’s 3 level under anyone else. :roll_eyes:


Which means it needs to be leveled up …
it’s just Too good and with such potential :heart_eyes:


Im not saying bench him for ever… but he is bringing a lvl 17 utahsino into a trophy range where every one elses utah and spinos are level 19/20… stegods range from 23-25… tragods are 21-24… indos are 22-25 to many bad matchups for a level 17.




I ran into the same problem myself last month in that same trophy range my utah was 18… and it was being killed by higher leveled utahs and spinos… so i reluctantly had to bench it till i got thor leveled… i put it back at 19… but even then its kinda a liability due to being one level under.

I love utahsino one of my favorite dinos both design and move wise. But playing an underleveled utahsino where everyone you face has a faster one is like playing a level 13 velo when everyone has lvl 15s.

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I abosulitely agree, it’s pretty much rng with indom… and with indo that should be more than enough for now. If you can get thoses dodges in with and a successful rampage It could potentially wreck… but I had many 1v1 queen v indom encounters, and many times I was left unscathed …even at a high level indom, setting a stun w distract for the next dino. Utasino may be the weakest dino by stat, but her move set ability allows for a chain of attacks pumping out lots of damage making up for being the runt of the group. Sino week means green food for the queen cough cough :wink:

From the team, think there needs to be a balance in speed. Tryo and trago are mid fast, Indo spino utah are in the faster range. Mono stegod indom and allosino are :turtle: