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My first Unique!

I worked and it took awhile, but now I can finally use all my boosts and get it to tier 8 to terrorize in the arena! I’m kidding :sweat_smile:


Congrats! It’s nice when the grind pays off.

And so the question inevitably comes in: 135 or 143? :laughing:


I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I didn’t get god like RNG and got a 90 earlier.

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So how boosted is it already? Lol

great, another one


Tier 6 for health and attack, speed is tier 5, since that’s what I have the least of. I didn’t go crazy and use all my boosts on it since that will end up hurting me in the long run.

Go big or go home.


True that! :sweat_smile:

Thought it was going I be indoraptor lol. This is different. Congrats. Now the grind is over just boost it. :-/ yours is probably better than my level 26 I’ve worked on grinding for over a year.

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I felt like Indo would be a waste because of the evasive nerf. He’s strong but I prefer cloak since Indo can’t take the hits if it doesn’t dodge, unlike I-Rex. My opinion though, I never used it in battle obviously, so I could be spouting nonsense.

Congratulations! :tada::fireworks:

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Yeah the cloak/evade nerf hurt it pretty bad. However it’s still fast and powerful. Boosted ones still get me sometimes.

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Mine is at L26 (ready to go to 27) was hurt by the nerf and benched. I have many counters in my team like Dio, Monostego, Magna and Utasino (if it is faster). Indor is not a great problem for me now.
I hope the cloak mechanics will return to pre 1.8, then I will put it back to my team.

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Congrats! Mine was Indoraptor.

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