My first year

So as you can see I’ve now been on this forum for a year, and I’ve been playing the game for a year and a few days as I joined the forum very early on.
So what can I say after this first year?
Let me start by saying I’ve been playing PokemonGo since it’s launch and still love it. This afternoon offers another event and the whole family will be out enjoying that. This is after over 3 years of continuous play.
Will we be playing JWA after 3 years? I doubt it very much, but anyway…
The game when I started playing hadn’t been out for long, but my wife told me it was fun and I loved the films so thought why not. The graphics were the first thing that blew me away, amazing, and the gameplay was just what PoGo should have been. I loved it and spent countless hours collecting DNA and building my team. Then an update, and all of a sudden my team wasn’t so good, hey ho I thought, and started developing a new batch but still climbed the leaderboard and started getting a few of the epic towers. I was vip and bought every level up special offer and the offer with a new arena.
Anyway the game was great and I would spend up to three or four hours a day collecting dna and battling in the arena, until a couple of months ago when I was at 4500 trophies and feeling pretty good about things. Boosts arrived and the game no longer had the same appeal. People with teams that were way lower than mine were racing past me. So I bought boosts to keep up… big mistake .
There was no way I was going to keep up as the odd purchase here and there would never match those who bought everything ever available. My Dino was never as quick as my opponents, and I struggled with the logistics of a good team as the balance was gone.
So last month I cancelled vip and I won’t spend another penny on this game as I feel betrayed by a money grabbing company have lured me in and taken me for a ride with this debacle. They never listen to the players, so do nothing to quell the flow of people leaving the game, and simply carry on coming up with ways to ensure the gullible will continue to throw money at this game.
1.9 isn’t far away now, and I wouldn’t mind betting they add more boosts on its launch. Does anyone really want that? More money to spend to keep up, or your opponent will be crit hitting you every match!
It’s a terrible shame that after a year the game has left me feeling like this, and I wonder how many others are feeling the same way. I just wonder if there’s anything that can be done to save what was once a fantastic game with so much potential?


It’s probably a algoritm in the game, who always give you opponents with faster dinos.

In this way, you will feel the need to buy more boosts.

And yeah, All the effort and time for hunting was just useless. That’s why most of my posts are very negative.

If they cared about all 1000s of hours hunting (mostly crappy stuff) they would feel the reaction from players.

I just wish all effort was payed off in a better way.

Why level up all hard uniqes when DC is soooo much better? Will never understand that.


I love the graphics and game activities! Great enjoyment for the first year! We were starting to get great events and more diverse in-game activities! More content being added at a good pace, and balance updates regularly to keep the game exciting and challenging.

Recently it has become more an exercise in futility and became more frustrating than fun. I tried to work around the lack of needed spawns by playing more in a more diverse area. Open more incubators hoping to collect what I needed. Still difficult to accumulate enough wanted dna, at least in my playing area. I worked around it by creating a more diverse team than convention dictated. I went with what I had access too. My efforts were successful in that I did create a diverse, arena worthy fleet to do battle with.

I think I have given the boost meta a fair shake by holding out for a few months. I did not make a rash decision and dislike them right off. They have made my past efforts to create a diverse team worthless. The creatures I used to battle with successfully, are now to far below par to keep up. I refuse to invest again into them to make them meta relevant. My choice there, I realize that. If I invested in the boost meta I might be enjoying the game more, perhaps not. Even my current meta-relevant creatures that I raised to team level, are sub-par without the additional investment of boost purchases.

I do feel a loss that what fun I used to have, is now gone. I really do not think there is anyway to recover my first-year enjoyment in the game. I honestly do not see any way to recover from the direction the game has gone in.


As Moksha says, why bother with hard to get uniques when the rat is a way superior guaranteed killer? I will never understand this, and to be honest it’s the fact that the rat is so prevalent after 3500 trophies that make sense me so sad for the game. Obviously if you live and play in the area where Draco gen 2 spawns you’ll be delighted with it. The rest of us just have to put up with it.
The points about how you can make the game work for you are well made, but with a limited lifespan, given that progress is what drives us. If you keep coming up against a brick wall that can only be breeched by spending money, what can you do?


To put it in simpler terms:

I am sure there are many who enjoy the direction the game is headed. I simply do not find enjoyment in it now.


Yes woodchuck that’s a very simple way of saying what I’m trying to say.
I used to love this game until the balance was removed and now it sucks!


As I said many times:

Even with 100 HP dinos was useful. The attacks could make you win, great tactics made different battles.

With rat, low health dinos have no place.

That’s why I hate it.


More often than not in the arena where I’m at, anything less than 3K HP (sometimes 4K HP) falls under this definition.

I still can’t use Erlikospyx after unlocking it a couple weeks ago and I’ll probably never get the chance, because I don’t have boosts to bring it to team level.

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Ludia won’t read this… Or even read if I tag all of them!!! Let’s see.
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Here we go!!


And as if by magic, what’s in the store today?
Yep, a massive boost sale!

You just couldn’t make it up could you?

The money men at Ludia must have thought it was time to get JWA back in the highest grossing game list as it had been dropping of late.

Meanwhile those who don’t buy the 300 boosts being sold today will drop even further and enjoy the game even less than we already do.


Or, to just admit defeat and that Lydia won the boost wars. Well Played, Lydia.

Their solution to the boost issue in Arena is to flood the market so everyone reaches that plateau of level 7… or 10… Then it will all balance out. Everyone will have their whole crew boosted exactly the same so the problem has been solved.


My wife and I have only been playing since April, and we feel the same way. JWA started out as what Pokemon Go should have been… and now Pokemon Go is looking better than JWA.


You know, if I wasn’t in such a great alliance (Sand Dunes), I would uninstall out of principle. I despise greed, companies that don’t care about their customers, and low quality.

Yesterday I started winning again after a day of losses, but now that luck will probably change because I absolutely REFUSE to spend another penny on this game! I have been playing since the day this game was launched, and early on I made the mistake of spending over $600 in a period of months. Never again! I quit that early this year and have been F2P ever since.


Looks like we joined the forum around the same time. I didn’t know there was a forum at first for like a month or so lol.

And I have to say I have a similar feeling. The enjoyment is flickering right now. I love hunting and I used to love battling.

Ever since DC became a thing everything has become meh. Literally how many complaints can one creature in the game get. Pretty sure DC is one of the worst creatures globally in games not just here. And it helps them push boosts because you literally need them to survive this dino. Sick of talking about it into the abyss.

But if anyone is listening quite a few things need to change really soon with 1.9. If you don’t attend to most the complaints I really think they will indeed be losing more players. 1.9 is more important then they may think imo. And there has been many “make or breaks” but with rats, bad mm, boosts, and other stuff. It’s much more than any before.


I’ve been playing since end of May 2018, and now 14 months later, the only downer for me has been the 1.7 update issues, dracoceratops and boosts. I enjoy the game now, post 1.8 more than I have previously. But with JWA I feel more optimistic now than I have done for a while.

I have been playing since the launch of the game but only joined the forum last year. I used to enjoy playing arena because back then it was not plagued with boosts. I used to play daily hardcore, but now I have become a casual gamer. I find no enthusiasm or motivation to play in the arena anymore. Yes I loved the game back way before the intro of version 1.8 because it required actual strategy. It is a shame that this game has gone into a downward spiral.


only have 23 cash

You caught them on a weekend - see what happens on Monday morning.

Probably nothing.


I’ve been playing for slightly longer than a year now as well. I loved Pokémon Go, but as soon as I discovered JWA I pretty much dropped it. It really was everything I wanted from a geolocation game and more. But boosts have close to killed it, and Pogo is looking more and more appealing every day. Surely Ludia wants to compete with it? Their current business model is to go all in for the quick buck before the game dies, it’s sad. Subscriptions are proven to be an incredibly successful financial model, much more so than one off payments (VIP vs boosts). But with so many people dropping their subscriptions, and going a step further and getting refunds… Idk what Ludia’s CFO is thinking.

Creating another boost rollback, heavily nerfing it so that each attack and HP boost only gives an increase of 1%, to a max of 10%, which in turn leads to boosts being a small boon, yet by no means an absolute must have to remain competitive, would go such a long way to regaining customers. Speed can increase by 1 each level, to a max of +10. This way Ludia keeps their boost experiment, but the influence they have on the game is drastically reduced. Levels matter a lot more again, since each level up gives a 5% increase in stats, and going out to hunt DNA becomes more of a primary focus, leading to more VIP subscriptions and increased steady revenue for ludia. Increasing VIP benefits would make it more enticing as well, like that epic spawn alert that was found in the code a while back. The boost nerf means more people will be willing to try and put new Dinos on their teams each update, leading to increased prolonged engagement with the game.

Like I’m not mad, right? These points seem perfectly logical to me in order to create sustainable long term revenue for the developers, instead of focusing on a tiny minority who will spend a lot at once, only for them to grow disillusioned and give up on the game once fewer and fewer players are left for them to compete with.


I may have faced you in the tourney sir