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My friend is having some tournament problems about how they may be rigging them?

1rst he said when he was in a tournament battle he was using a normal strategy with 2 bad dinos and one good one so the 1rst dino went all out he saw it but then it said the dino went for a block when it went all out then after he got 5 battles in a row with level 40 vip and he was only using a level 30 segnosarus because the battles are so easy but then they intention you put in a battle that you will lose.

I don’t think they rig it. I think the purposefully make it harder but not so hard that it’s impossible to win. Like for Monday’s unlock. For me the event was hard and challenging but not impossible. As I progressed through the battles for the unlock it got harder. Today’s fight for funds was a complete opposite. The first time was the hardest then the next two times it was simple and easy wins. So I think the events are made hard for you to do more in your park and also you need to have a challenge every so often and you can’t win every single time. Maybe if you show me what your up against I could give you more advise on how to win.

Tournaments feel like they have their ups and downs on difficulty.

If he runs in to a tough patch, come back a couple hours later.

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I don’t think anyone but Ludia know’s exactly how the tournament battle matchups work… well perhaps they don’t even know either but either way. It’s been discussed and or mentioned before that a lot of the time when you are going into battles with a team ferocity way below what the game wants you to bring (programmed to expect). Then there might be something in the programming that says something like (these dino’s are not worthy of competing in current league and position, send in the high level clean up crew to crush their hopes and dreams).

In short, if you keep bringing very low ferocity teams into dom the game will eventually start giving you very difficult battles that are basically un winnable without a lucky exploit. This is supposed to encourage you the player to bring better teams.

At least that is kinda the theory i suppose.


Using 2 fodders doesn’t always work. It is better to go for some teams like this:

Meat shield herb like apato, strong amphibian like ostaposaurus, average carnivore like trex




Main-fodder-main (I like to do lvl 10 dimetrocarnus fodder lvl 10 dimetrocarnus. This gets me like 35-38 cups)


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Since I basically only this week realized that tourneys are pve, I got nothing valuable to contribute, but I noticed that bringing even strength teams gets competitive opponents, if I bought fodder would not I get utterly crushed?

Afaik the fodder strategy is for higher level players who have many creatures with ferocity about as good as the opponents in dominator or even better. In that case using 3 good creatures with long cool downs and only getting 30 instead of 40 trophies is a bad longterm, so using only 2 or 1 good creatures and being able to win gets more trophies per win and also helps with getting more matches per run

For people like me where I lose a fair amount of matches even with my best team, low cool downs and every win gets atleast 37 trophies, fodders aren’t used because there’s no point.

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I am getting about 25 cups. What am I doing wrong

What kind of teams are you bringing?

In Dominator, a level 1 Indoraptor with 2 level 10 Commons brings 37 trophies. A level 10 Common, a level 30 VIP, and a level 20 VIP brings 35 trophies. Three level 20 VIPs bring somewhere between 30 and 35 trophies; a level 30 Carnoraptor, a level 30 Tapejalosaurus, and a level 30 Spinoraptor bring about the same

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