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My friend lost his account please help


I was wondering if anyone can help me recover my friend’s account, he has spent around 2 and a half months and then he lost his account by accidentally uninstalling his game. Once he installed the game he lost all his progress and couldn’t log back in, since he wasnt connected to any through playstore or Facebook, and was using a guest account. Is there any way to get his account back?

My friends account name and details:
Scorpio #9250


Get him to email ludia ASAP. My brother has been waiting nearly a week. Same problem.


Hey Waffluz, if your friend contacted our support team here at, our staff will be happy to assist him. Make sure he includes any useful information that can help our team in finding his account, such as the username and gamertag from his old game account. It’d be useful if he included the support key from his new game as well.


I had the exact same thing happen to me. I went back an forth with ludia for a couple of weeks, but they were not able to retrieve my original game.
However, where your friends case differs from mine is you have his support key for the lost game where I did not have mine.

Ludia was pretty cool through the process. It took about 24-48 hrs in between each correspondence which was a little frustrating (this was around the tournament launch so I bet they had their hands full), but they did agree to apply any purchases I made in the lost game to the new one as long as I could provide a receipt.

It is a shame. I recognize the user name from the arena. Good luck.