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My future lineup plans

Yeah so you have guessed by the title what i am trying to say. And this is my current lineup

and i have been stuck with it for a long time so i wanted to increase my ferocity in some time now after i max my legendaries. I have decided on some creatures to use in the future they are either hybrids or jurassic vips but since the game doesn’t give me jurassic vip i have given up on the vips idea. So this is my plan for future lineup which i will explain how will i get.

Carivore lineup:
2 level 30 spinoraptors (i already have 3 level 20s so i only need 2 more)

1 level 11-13 rajastega ( i already have 2 level 20s and will keep him around that level as mentioned before to keep my ferocity balanced)

1 level 11 indominus rex (i will keep him at that level for ferocity balance and you know how i will get it…)

Level 40 dimetrodon (other legendary carnivores will go in their hybrids which i will explain further)

Lvl 10 tanycogalreus (only jurassic carivore i have right now) and so on.

Amphibian lineup:
6 level 10 diplosuchus ( i already have 5 and i am 100 short for my 6th which i will get in some time)

Level 11 ostaposaurus (keeping at that level for ferocity balance and it will use my level 40 ostafrikasaurus and Miscroposaurus)

1 level 40 sarchosuchus (3 away from maxing)

1 level 40 ichtyostega (already maxed)

Herbivore lineup:
1 level 17 Ankylodocus (already have 2 at level 20 so i just have to fuse him and will keep him at that level for ferocity balance)

2 level 30 stegoceratops (already have 2 level 20s so i just have to buy 4 more and the reason i am keeping two of him at level 30 instead of ankylodocus is because of his Superhybrid)

1 level 20 Unayrhynchus ( just 2 unaysaurus away from maxing and i will buy rhamphoynchus later)

1 level 40 shunosaurus (already maxed)

1 level 40 therizinosaurus or 2 level 30? (The reason i want to keep 2 at 30 is because he is already a good meat shield but at 40 hes gonna do the job better but i will lose one so plzz comment your thoughts)

1 level 10 apatosaurus (amazing meat shield)

Pterosaur lineup
2 level 30 tapejalosauruses (already have 4 at level 20)

1 level 20 suchoripterus (will take away my Suchomimus)

1 level 40 Scaphognathus (4 away from maxing, may buy him)

1 level 40 Dimorphodon (6 away from maxing, may buy him)

1 level 40 pteronodon (2 away from maxing)

1 level 20 Eudimorphodon.

So this is my plan for my future lineup. Also once i will create this lineup i will go for increasing my coin production with the alangasauruses and labyrinthosauruses strategy. If anyone has suggestions to make it better or wanna tell me what i should and shouldn’t get then feel free to comment! Thank you for your attention


I would recommend you go for the pterosaurs first, seeing as you don’t have a single one in you first two panels. You do have a good bit of DNA, so I would recommend buying two pteranodons if you can. This will give you a good pterosaur in the higher rankings

Since a level 30 theri already has more health than most other max level legendaries, I would recommend getting two at 30

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I am two away from maxing pteronodon which i will eventually get from golden rewards packs so I don’t have to buy them. Although i may buy Dimorphodon and Scaphognathus if i don’t max them when i will be ready to expand my ferocity. And the reason tapej is not appearing in the first two pannels is because i have 5 diplos in the pic its appearing if there are 7 and i have like 3 spino but in the pic its appearing as if i have 5 or 6 so that just pushes tapej on the third panel otherwise hes pretty much the same ferocity as spino and diplo

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I would keep therizinos at 30. They are better and I believe cooldown is enough to use twice per day. Overall, great plan.

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