My game after the last update

  1. I love my new Diplo G2 a lot: expecially against raptors her istant cripple is terrific (as well as your opponent finally find out how to correctly play his dino and bypass negative effects).

  2. Impact and run ruined my good Parasaurolophus, jus if you consider that she was able to stun T-Rex and get one more free strike.

  3. Ankylocodon. Most of you seems to appreciate her. Well: immunity, protection, slowing down, not bad stuff at all, but I have to say her damage isn’t high enough. You think: mine is 8 level and until 9 damage is 350 (and with a 7 Gorgosaurus you can get 614!).

  4. Is Nodopatosaurus better than Nodosaurus? What can you tell me about this hybrid?