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My game changed languages and did a weird glitch

So this happened. I just tapped on my 5 minute scent sitting in a parking lot after spinning drops and darting dinos. I closed the scent screen and went back in and it was all good. Anyone else experienced this?

What kind of phone?

Sounds more like your phone is dying or compromised, as you also are having keyboard issues which are outside of the app.

That is Latin!

That is a piece from: Rhetorica of Cicerone (Cicero) :joy::joy::joy:

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Pheromone, ooooh. It will attract all the lady dinos.

It’s an iPhone 6. I’m not having keyboard issues outside of the app.

I have no idea what that says in the picture.

It’s from a famous work of the great Latin writer Cicero. And more or less what’s written there is : we need also to add a certain sweetness of words and behavior, a great side dish for a good friendship.

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I don’t know why they add such a sentence in the game. Some ludia’s programmer is a latinist?

Can someone translate to English what it says?

I have already translated it to you two comments ago!

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