My game closed while battling


this is real annoying pile of crap.

I could won that battle, but I coulden’t
do anything…

so I lost that one.


I read the ‘Troubleshooting’ of ludia support,
and I’m downloading this game again.

but If this crap happening again…
what should I do to fix it?


It’s still not working well…

damn it

if someone know how to fix this, answer me…


Your issue does not have enough information so it is not possible to determine the exact cause of the problem.

What device are you using? What was your internet connection at the time? Were you on WiFi or out using data? Do you have other apps running at the same time while using the game? How old is your device? Has your device had any problems before? Is the problem only happening when you’re battling? The list can go on.


iphone 6,
nothing’s wrong but my phone got
some lag since the last update…