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My Game Completely Reset - Help!

Hope someone can help - not sure what went wrong here, but I’ll try to recount as best I can. I’ve been playing the game since the end of December. Leveled up to 12, created more than 100 dinosaurs, my team all hovering around 18-20. Always logged in through Google Play with the name HenrySmalls, until today when I noticed a button in the “Mail” menu that said I could connect to Facebook. Thinking maybe I’d unlock a feature or something, I did. I got a blue screen indicating I was moving from one account to the other but I was tired and clicked past it before it even registered. Almost immediately I was kicked out of my Alliance. Odd, but didn’t think anything of it. Then I tried to evolve a creature and got a message that said “Creature Unavailable” - even weirder, but I figured maybe that hybrid had been discontinued or something. Put the game down for a few hours and opened it back up to discover that all my progress has been lost .

I’m now at level two, with one dinosaur: a velociraptor. Weirder still, my user name is “JurassicSnark,” not HenrySmalls. I uninstalled the game, reinstalled it and logged back in with my Google Account and I’m still back to square one with the wrong user name and zero progress. What’s VERY strange, and gives me hope my account can be recovered, is that in the game’s menu, I haven’t finished any of the game’s 31 achievements, but my Google Play account shows that I’ve completed all of them. I’m not sure what the disconnect is, but I LOVE the game and really hope someone can help get me back up and running soon.

Hate to be a bother, but I thought I’d post because I emailed support more than two weeks ago and have yet to receive a response!


Go back to where you switched to facebook and next to it should have google log in. Your account will still be there. When you clicked facebook since you had no account for game there it starts you one

Hi Chris,

A very similar thing happened to me. The suggestions I read here did not help. So I messaged the Support. I didn’t have the Support key for my original account, but I gave them the Support key of the new level 2 account, my old nickname and allience name, my level, the date of account creation etc. Probably not all of that was helpful though, sounded like they traced back the new Support key I see when I login with Google Play to my original account, and then recovered my data.

Messaging Support again might be helpful.

That’s what’s so weird… I logged back into the Google Play version and nothing changed. It’s like logging into Facebook erased and re-set both. I don’t get it.

Sweet, sweet hope. I guess I’ll try emailing again.