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My game crashes every minute not even joking and I've tried everything

Uh I really need help I can’t play my game without it lagging then crashing every minute. I have tried restarting my phone, shutting it down, resetting my whole phone, installing it the reinstalling it and it still crashes. I would really appreciate some help and also I’m on mobile

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Hey Autumn,
Sorry to hear that your game crashes and thank you for troubleshooting your device.
I’d advise contacting our Support team at
They’ll be able to assist you. :slight_smile:

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Hi @anon30555439 welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Are you sure your WiFi/connection is stable enough for the game to run smoothly? If you have a connection that isn’t very stable, the game does lag or show the server error.

If your game is connected to facebook and you have a second device, could you try downloading the game there and see if the game responds?

Another option would be to try playing on Mobile Data.


I’d also try deleting the cache memory of your device regularly.
This step has helped many players, as well. :slight_smile:


@Daven those are good suggestions! I haven’t tried some myself :sweat_smile:

Although there are increasingly a lot more posts from new-to-the-forum players regarding an internet/loading issue, it would be great if this could be forwarded to the Developers! (I see some similar players’ messages on facebook too…)

Thank you very much I sent them an email!

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@anon30555439 …I hope you remember your old support key, if you didn’t connect to Facebook and deleted the game then I’m afraid you may have lost data (if you’re not playing on iOS devices).

If you know/remember your old support key, I strongly suggest you write it down somewhere so that when the game loads, you can email support to transfer game data.

If you deleted the game and you don’t use iOS/don’t remember your support key, you may have lost all data…

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Your problem isn’t too common for me. Laggy game and crashes often? Most likely it’s not enough RAM data on your device (already contacted support on that).

Best fix would be getting a new device…

I’ll try that :slight_smile:


Hey @Jurassic_Fury, :wave:
To be honest, the team is already aware of the situation and are working tirelessly to fix it.
If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the phone model and OS version you’re using?
This piece of information tremendously helps the dev team pinpointing certain aspects of the problem!


@Daven hi! I use Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (latest OS I guess), and my second device is a Galaxy Note 8.

I’m guessing one factor could be storage, I have less than 600 mb on the tablet. However on my phone I have +10 GB free.

Currently the game’s working fine, but since the past two days, it’s showing the server error which usually goes away after a few minutes. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @Jurassic_Fury.
I’ve included your devices’ info in my report. :slight_smile:

The only troubleshooting I’d have - though I’m 99.9% sure that you know it already- is to refresh your internet connection or forget your wifi connection and re-add it to your devices. Otherwise, Support would be your best bet. :frowning:


Thanks @Daven! I appreciate it :smile:

Yea, sometimes I did refresh my WiFi and forget/reconnect but that didn’t work back then, haven’t tried clearing cache yet though.

Currently the game’s smooth, just once or twice in between it shows the server error but after few minutes it’s normal again.

I did contact support, but the response was that it probably wasn’t an error from the game server’s end. In all fairness, though, with so much online stuff going on, there’s always the possibility that my internet was a bit oily :sweat_smile:

The last time I had a consistent server error was during the Brachiosaurus tournament. After that, no major error really happened with the game for me.