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My game crashes


I’d really appreciate it if a staff member can help me or someone can give me a support email address so I can get my problem fixed


This is from another post…

It takes them a while to respond but they do respond. Put as much information in the email as possible…
What device you are playing on.
What OS you have on said device.
When the issue started (after an update of the app or device or a random time).
Obviously your support key per Ned’s instructions.
What triggers the issue if it is sporadic and not a standing issue.

As much information as you can that way they have the best picture of what is going on and they can narrow down how to help.


Thanks for helping us out and providing this information @Sionsith! Also, @OriginalEasy there is some information on our FAQ here that might help with your game crashing:
If you’re still having issues after trying the troubleshooting on our FAQ, feel free to contact our support team at the email, Sionsith had provided, and our team would be happy to try and assist you as well.