My game disappeared!


I have been playing for a couple months and this morning my game reset…all my trophies, incubators, progress is gone!! I was given a new screen name and prompted to log in through Facebook or google. Please please help me get my game back!


Happened to me a couple times, I just closed the app and reopened it and it was fine


Nope…restarting game hasn’t helped, nor restarting phone. Starts me over on level 1, starting training.


Did you have your old support key?


If you did contact ludia and tell them your old support key and what happened.


Hey Laura_Stewart, if your game was linked to your Facebook or Google Play store account, connect back to the correct account, and your game should be there. If you were playing on a guest account, contact our support team here at with your support key so they can assist you further. If you don’t remember your old support key, give our staff the new support key from your current game and your old gamertag or username, and they might be able to find you in their system.