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My game dont progress from lvl 3

Sins yesterd game keeps reseting my progress played game and had 5 heroes and most of them on lvl 3 and 4 did some battles and gained some awesome loot but when I closed the game the game did not save my progress and from lvl 4 sensed me back to lvl 3 with downgraded heroes tried opening chest too but after I closed and open app game just send meto thesame point and prevent me from progressing . Is there any way to solve this ?

Hey there, @Brann, I’m sorry to hear that you have been losing your progress! I know how frustrating it can be, but reach out to our support team at and they’ll help get you back to exploring Faerûn. Remember to include your support key so they can find you faster in their system!

My game dont progress and keep sending me back and preventing from progressing getting anywhere. I did battles and get score of 190+ and upgraded most of my heroes to lvl 3 and 4 but game resets and send me back to 101 points from battles and my rare items sins then are gone . Is there any way to fix it ?