My game is being reset


Ok so if sent my support code to be reset as i spoofed.
I have 3000+ cash on the account will this all be lost or will it transfer to my new account?
And how long will it take to be reset? its been 24h since I sent my support code


I am in the same boat, sort of. My understanding is that the cash you have now will be lost, but anything you purchased will be given back to you. I have purchased several “one time” offers that included coins and DNA, and when I asked about those I was told that I would not get the coins or DNA, but rather the cash equivalent of those coins and DNA. You will likely hear from Ludia once every 24 hours or so - that’s how it has gone for me. In the meantime they told me over 48 hours ago that my account would be deleted and I’d be able to restart. Then 24 hours ago they told me it had been done. Well, I’m still playing on that account, so, who knows what the hell will happen. I’m sort of figuring they are too inept to follow through and my current account will remain intact. My advice is to play on as you normally would. I stupidly blew a lot of coins and cash thinking I would be reset by now.

Oh, and if you respond to them and anything they send, no matter how immediately after they write you - expect at least another 24 hours before you hear from them. Once a day seems to be it.


I wrote them like four days ago and I only recieved the automatic answer that they will put my in queue but after then they never answered, what should I do?


Well i may as well spend the 3000 cash on coins just so u get it on new account


I’m not sure if coins will carry over. I am under the impression that once the current account is closed, only purchases will be reimbursed through in game cash and nothing will carry over from the old account. I could be wrong, but as if you can get a clear answer from these people.


Tell me about it lol if probably spend nearly 30000 green cash on coins and speeding up incubators so hope I get it all back


To my understanding, they will give you back only all the cash you have purchased. You will lost everything else : coins, cash, DNA and level. With the cash you puchased you will be able to buy incub or coins as you will but you will lose all that you earned from SD (if you used to hit cash and coins limit everyday since the beginning it is a lot of resources)

I hope you will still play within the rules and enjoy the game !


Yeah was a fool to spoof as 90% of all my dna was from legit play


Well I guess it’s a lesson learned. I respect the fact you recognize it and be honest not trying to make an excuse like some did.

I’m sure you will be back soon and as long as you enjoy the game it’s the most important and your experience will help you !


Yes mate love the game play every day since the beta