My Game is Loco!No new update pic of decorations and

I can see the new seasonal Dragons&1costume
Cannot see any decorations
I have a Gauntlet that says ★OPEN★
Get it boots me back out continuously to main game screen
Reluctantly go in Brawl when about to win
★Game Crash★ at least once a day up to 3X
\Game Crashes during other stuff as well daily
Toothless had an egg(Thunderpede)&I had 2in the hatchery
I was waiting, game crashed&egg disappeared
I wrote Support abt a month ago about missions not ticking off after completion
Every time I check back it Hi what can I help you with(like it’s new)&I play catch up with a gazillion screenshots(which Tbh I feel like I do more screenshooting than play bc God Forbid you don’t take it … Plus I literally have more screen pix on here than of my Kids, my cats, my fiancee and or selfies for goodness sakes!
My missions with Hookfang I’ll not be able to do till I can get him with runes- I started playing in Sept I’ve just now 1,000Runes so in 2022maybe/GreenDeath been trying for him since the Giddy Up too maybe in next few months if I’m lucky.
I completed an Exotic Collection with the Exotic whispering death= Not ticked off
So I basically have ONE mission spot open, I just would like the exotic box for Johann ticked off the rest I can handle…
Beyond frustrated

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