My game is preventing me from accessing certain parts of it plus a couple other issues

I made an account mostly to post this. I’ve been following this game for a while but I started actually playing it myself not too long ago. For a while, everything was working fine until around the time I either unlocked Pelicanmimus, or unlocked Super DNA missions. They might’ve started earlier but I’m not too sure. Either way, around that time, I noticed a lot of problems appearing. Ranging from newly placed dinosaurs only having a loading circle in place of them in the main view, to all card packs not displaying the image that is supposed to be on them. These problems are bad but they don’t seem to effect the main gameplay. I could still level up and evolve dinosaurs perfectly fine and I could do missions with no trouble.

But, there are other problems that have effected things really badly. The news updates you normally get when you boot up the game don’t display anymore, when I failed a code 19 I couldn’t recontain the dinosaur myself and it just reappeared in its pen leaving me with no rewards, and the worst thing to happen with these issues is that I am completely unable to do any battles that aren’t the battle stages. All but the battle stages and pvp battle menus are locked with the “coming soon” text despite there being a little number on the battle button showing that there should be events going on. Even though the pvp option is available, if I attempt to play a pvp arena it never loads.

I don’t know what to do in this situation. I can’t do Super DNA quests since I can’t play any battles, I can’t complete all the daily missions because I can’t play he pvp arena, and I’m just losin some of the fun factor with this game because of these issues. If you’re curious, My phone is a Google Pixel 3 if that helps.

Have you tried clearing out your cache and rebooting your device? Otherwise, turn in a ticket to support

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I cleared my cache and it made everything worse. I’ll try talking to support.

I’m sorry to hear that, @Mal615. If you had already contacted our support team, our team would be sure to try their best to assist you once they get a chance to see your email/ticket.