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My game started over

So for 1 week I was unable to even log into the game because the devs apparently don’t care their game is continually crashing enough to provide an update, and when I was finally able to log in going through several steps I thought it was all going to be fine. But nowww, I open the app and it completely restarted me at lvl 1!!! I tried deleting the app, logging out of my Apple ID and everything else I’ve been suggested the past week and nothing has worked. Like if I gotta start over at lvl 1 then I should at least be given VIP status for free until I get back to lvl 42!

While I’m hoping there is a solution out there for you such as possibly having a screenshot with your old support key in it, I would say “good luck” in asking Ludia for a free anything.

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Are you connected through Facebook? Go through the tutorial. Then logout and log back in through Facebook. Easy fix.

If not, I hope you have your old Support Key


No I’m logged in through Apple ID, and I’ve got a screen shot of my old support key

Email support your old and new support keys. Theyll switch them out. Theyve done it for my kids’ tablets before


if you have your old support key support will always be able to get your park back.

I did, and so far they haven’t responded…

Don’t worry they will. Took about 5 days for me to get my old game back. I used the in-game chat.

Support typically has a five day turnaround before they respond to the request. But they will respond and if you have your old support key they will be able to help you.

5 business days. Don’t expect to see them reply over the weekend.