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My game won't load

The problem is getting worse… the game only half loads then crashes. I’m VIP and I’m getting ready to cancel my subscription. The dinos don’t load half time. I miss a lot of goods ones because of this. I usually only get to play it on my days off while my husband is driving. I’ll go miles without seeing and but on his phone his dinos show up. So can y’all please get these issues fixed.

Hey Amanda_Stowe, I understand that these sort of problems can be really frustrating and our team is still actively working towards improving the stability of the game for our players. However, sometimes the issue could be related to the connectivity of the device especially if you’re in an area where the signal might not be as strong. There are some troubleshooting on our FAQ that could help with this:
Also, feel free to contact our team here at with your support key if you’re still having issues afterwards and they’ll be happy to help.