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My Game Won't Start

I play on iPad and when i try to play the game it gets past the loading screen but then it gets stuck on the screen where it says Jurassic World the Game and with the universal and Ludia logo and the version and support key at the bottom, but it doesn’t show me the play as guest or sign in with Facebook buttons and it just stays like that.

Are you using Apple ID for your login?

I play as a guest

While you can, make sure you have your support key written down some where so if support needs to recover your game they can.

If you haven’t tried all of the general stuff (look up a few threads on this topic) do that. And if all of that doesn’t help you will need to write into support and request some help.

Does it get stuck there for, lets say, more than 10 minutes? I’ve had times when the launching screen stays there for a while, as long as 5 minutes but it always loads at the end. Try opening the app up, leave it for a while and go get a drink or snack then come back.


I have left it on for 5 hours once and nothing came up.

This is what it looks like when i try to play the game and it does not change from here.

As long as you have written support they will get back to you. It will take time but they will get back to you.

Your support key is missing from the screenshot…did you crop it out? If you log in and there’s not a support key something is very wrong.

no its not missing i just covered it.


The same thing is happening to me :confused:

The exact same thing has been happening to me