My Game

I couldn’t get my game to update. I called the company that furnishes my Wi-Fi. I told them my problem with the Wi-Fine, they said they would re-connected me, wait 5 minutes, and if nothing happens, call back. Well, nothing happened. No interruption to my service. So I called them back, and then they said, there’s nothing we can do; it’s your phone that’s acting up, sometimes they get old and won’t update anymore. Garbage! Anyway, I tried something I never do: I uninstalled to try to reinstall the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising. How stupid of me! I can’t get it back?! What do I do now?!? I know my game is somewhere, but I don’t know where to go or what to do to get it back? I want to talk with Support to see if they can help me. My call for help is coming out here in hopes that some one(s) will be able to actually help. Thank you in advance. Gnarlybeard.

Hello, I am a little confused here. Does your Wi-Fi have signal or not? If it does and the game doesn’t connect, simply try to restart. But you have reinstalled the app so that isn’t the problem.

Did you have your game account connected to Google (or fb)? If yes, you’ll find it again if you press the plug-in as you go back to connect the game. You may have accidentally connected as visitor.

If the account was not connected, do you remember your support key? You’ll need to mail ludia at and ask them to reinstate the account identified by your support key.


Thanks for the info!

I got my game back!

All is well!