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My geminititan killed his rival with a shield advantage but his shield disappeared?

and in the same battle my opponent likewise killed my dino using shield advantage but it remained and became effective with my incoming dino.

It has to do with speed. In this case to maintain Gemini’s shield after DSA, you need to be the slower of the 2. Unless your opponent acts with a priority move(ID-IC-II)


If your Gemini moves first then the shield goes down when the turn is over. It’s annoying but it happens more often than you expect with shielding creatures. I’ve thought about working with gamepress to figure out EXACTLY how turns work

Thank you very much, now it does make sense. I killed Max before Max will act so the shield went away and in the other case I had indog2 act first and he killed me so the shield was kept. thank you

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It’s because a creature’s death counts as an opponent turn. I’ve mentioned this several times before.

it’s true, thank you very much