My goals as a late game player

So im in the endgame where I have pretty much every dino in the game. Ive been at the max park level 99 since the day it was raised. Other people have shared their goals, and so id figure id share my wacky goals.

Goal #1

Reach 200,000 dino bux by the end of 2020. Ive always just saved my dbux but now that im at 170,000 i might as well just push to 200,000.

I never really spend any dino bux too, but maybe ill blow all of it on something worthwhile.

And no, i have never used cheats to hack the game or increase my dbux. Ive played since nearly the beginning so ive been saving for awhile now.

Goal #2

Get every Legendary-Tourney-Hybrid. Currently im awaiting 1 more Erlikasaurus for its hybrid, and 2 more Patchys for its hybrid. I didnt care for those dinos but since They are required for the hybrids i do need them.

Goal #3

Have an Ostaposaurus army! Currently im at 3 at lvl 30, and since im focusing oh hatching tourney dinos this will probably be the last goal i reach.

Goal #4

Have 1 of every dino in the gane. Im currently missing 6 dinos and so its just a matter of waiting for tournaments or COT ti get/unlock them.

Goal #5

Fill my park with only clocktowers. Im naturally a min-maxer and so since the clocktower is thee best decoration, i want to load my park up with them.

Goal #6

Put all the base game dinos on the main island, just like the original days of the game. The second island will house all the hybrids, VIPs, and Gen 2s.

Currently waiting for more tiles to unlock to move some dinos off the main land.

So that’s pretty much it for my goals. Maybe ill try for having every base game dino reach full capacity in their paddocks but we’ll see. Below is a screenshot of my second island with all my clocktowers and 170,000 dbux.


May I ask what the typical percentage increase is that you get with the two rows of clocktowers between the paddocks?


i think i am satisfied with my park … maybe i will invest in some herbivores that i am missing still.
but I think segnosuchus is enough as a herbivore lol

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I get around 430-470% I think.


Thanks. I’m getting around that same percentage with two rows of JHs and a row of clocktowers in the middle. I accept clocktowers for DNA any chance I get, but I’m wondering if I should still try to get clocktowers once I have completed that middle row of them. I suppose it would free up some space.

@OstaposaurusBae congrats on your clocktower collection :+1:

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Just depends if you need the space, if you add up how many rows you have of that setup you would pick up 2 spaces, so enough of them you could put another row of creatures and decorations.

Just depends on if that would benefit your coin production, if that is even something you want / need to work towards.


What @Sionsith said.

You get more on the end caps of the row, 500% plus. It gives you an element of coin freedom.

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Also @Sionsith

It’s actually around 400% maxing out at 700%.

706% is the highest percentage Ive found possible.

Typically due to spacing limitations my average percentage is 500%.

The absolute best layout is 2CTs with 1JH on the outermost border. Then just 2 clocktowers between paddocks, else you risk a lower % or not enough space.

I separate my paddocks based of class, so usually i put JHs between the class types, assuming there is space available.

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Wow, ok, there is a pretty nice increase if I put them at the end as well. I’ll keep collecting them, thank you.

there is a break even point that you need to find for yourself in terms of do I add more percentage to a paddock or do I make space to add entire new paddock. This is a player by player as well as paddock by paddock decision. For instance at the end of @OstaposaurusBae picture to the right does it make sense to have it setup as is or to continue the row of paddocks all the way to the end of the terrain, if you take the flyer that is at the end at 663% it would drop to 511% so a drop of 152% but if you add a paddock at the end instead I am guessing it would be north of 300%. So you need to ask yourself based on the additional Paddock you would put down is the following: What is greater 152% of Paddock A or 300ish% of Paddock B. Could be that you do not need the coins and the layout looks better aesthetically to you so it doesn’t matter.

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those are a LOT LOT LOT of clock towers

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Correct, my paddocks go to the end right now, so I don’t have decorations at the end caps. I think once I get more of the dinos that are stronger, I will limit the dinos that are in my park to help with code 19s

I have started to store paddocks as I continue to refine my CODE 19 approach and just general layout…

Started doing this on the 5 square paddocks since you can’t have a constant offset like the 4 square paddocks.

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Awesome, definitely something for me to look forward to once I get enough clocktowers.

Also keep in mind that that lower dinos don’t generate high value code 19’s. So if your trying to maximize sdna, you probably want to leave many of your Dino’s in the asset repository. That will give you more room for decorations.

Also try to organize your layout to make it easy to collect coins. I organize them around the revenue towers and then save a spot on each island to move my beacon to collect the whole island.


So here’s an update on my goals:

Goal #1: Completed.

I reach 200,000 a few weeks back and the highest I’ve gotten is 206,000 before blowing 6000 dbux on getting and evolving both the Armormata and Erlikosaurus.

I do want to end 2020 at 200,000 dbux, but when 2021 rolls around I think I’m going to blow a chunk into it by speeding up my hatchery and evolution chambers to get all my tournament dinos back up to lvl 40, especially for the ones I used to make the Tournament Hybrids.

Goal #2:

I recently made both the Armormata and Erliphosaurus after 1 lucky raffle where I got my 8th and final copy of the Erlikasaurus of which I did not have unlocked. My LAST Tourney Hybrid I need is the Patchygalosaurus. I am waiting on 1 more Pachyrhinosaurus then my collection will be completed.

Goal #3:

With being hel-bent on getting most-every new tourney dino and especially Armormata, I have not focused on getting my army AT ALL. I am thinking that in 2021 I will spend a good portion of dbux on getting more Ostaposauruses, maybe even maxing my army out at lvl 40.

Goal #4:

I am waiting on unlocking 5 more dinos: Patchygalosaurus, Dracorex (my birthday weekend, as I was busy) Sinoceratops (wasn’t able to complete the tournament), Plesiosuchus (the weekend my iPhone 6 was broken and I upgraded), and the Erlikosaurus (I got 8 from the Raffle and made the Erliphosaurus with it).

I currently am waiting for my Nodosaurus and Mosasaurus G2 to hatch so I have 1 copy of each again after fusing the Armormata.

I have a feeling this will be my last goal to complete because of the potential wait until more Tournaments arise with the 4 that I’m missing, or if I get lucky with the raffle of which I rarely am.

Goal #5:

Progress here has really slowed down now that Ludia added both Tar Pits and Arches to the coins-to-decorations custom trade.

I might just try for having Isla Sorna filled with clocktowers, however I am waiting for more tile expansions of which none were added in the latest update.

Goal #6: Completed… Almost

So I reorganized my park and so all the base-game dinos are on the main island, however I have a few spots where I had to fill will hybrids and tournament dinos since Isla Sorna is completely filled and maxed out for coin generation. I consider this a success of this goal because I even have my Gen 2s on Isla Nublar too. Looking at my park now is pretty nostalgic to how this game used to be, wayyy before hybrids, S hybrids, Gen 2s, Aquatics, Cenozoics, and VIP dinos.

Overall I am not really surprised with me completing Goal #1, as I am a big saver of dbux (obviously…) and just spending a few thousand after reaching 200,000 just feels rewarding and both anxiety inducing. I’m really not used to spending in this game even after playing since launch.

2 things really threw me in a loop: all the new dinos added, and how dedicated I’ve been to unlocking them and even getting a few maxed out already, and Ludia nerfing custom decoration trades of which were my main collecting method of clocktowers. It is what it is, but I am still collecting them juts at a slower pace.