My Good Lineup

After all your advice and help i can confidently say my lineup is no longer trash

Take a look

What else can i do to make it better

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I would say try to get your dinos to approximately the same ferocity as your VIPs.
So lvl 30 Legendaries, lvl 40 Super Rares, Common Hybrids lvl 40, Rare Hybrids Lvl 20.
Just deepen the Lineup here. Try focusing on DInos, that you can use later on. (For Hybrids or so).

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So what should i work on

How about some flyers: Zhejiang lvl 40, pteranodon lvl 30, pelecanipteryx lvl 30, limnorhynchus lvl 30-40

Uh, i don’t have Limno and Pelecanip yet, but Pteranodon is coming up though