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My Grypolyth gripe

OK. I have my Lythronax DNA, I have my Purrusaurus Gen 2 DNA, I’ve made and levelled up Purrolyth to L20 and maxed out it’s DNA. So I’ve been waiting weeks now, when are the Gryposuchus going to arrive? Whats that, they’re Park Spawns I hear you yell. Well guess what I’ve been scent-stalking parks for weeks too.

Ludia you have given us this fantastic new unique to grind out, but have utterly neglected to give us any of the final ingredient - Gryposuchus. Please, please, please move it out of limited Park Spawns into the other Areas/Zones, or why not even make it a global spawn? It would be nice to get the Grypolyth beasty into the game somehow.


Remember when he was in the event?
I darted him to be safe.

Yep me too, but I only got my gryposuchus as far as L18 :cry:

Hey I’m not sure if this is an everyday thing but I HAVE found Gryposuchus in the wild on several occasions. One time it was around 8 pm-ish during the work week and I was hunting along a major thoroughfare and one just popped up out of the blue in between a “Toppers” (another different pizza store) & some kind of fast food fish restaurant (& no it’s not a Captain D’s not Long John Silver. The name escapes me right now but i vaguely remember it has a giant fish on the main brand name symbol/logo of the restaurant.) I already had mine at lvl 14 at the time and was able to get enough darting in to get him up to lvl 15. The only other time I’ve ever seen a gryposuchus in the wild (& nope not in, around, or even close to a park was just yesterday while I was at work on a Domino’s delivery. I had just found by some rare miracle 3 epic Erlikosaurus’s within 3 to 5 miles of each other and then after my delivery as I was about to pull up and park back at my store an epic Ankylosaurus (which I needed badly to get my Diorajasaur finally created.) Sorry if I’m rambling but my point is I had just popped an epic scent in this small neighborhood close to my store no more then 500ft away in the hopes of having another Ankylosaurus pop up but low and behold 2 gryposuchus’s had shown up one on both on opposing sides of each other in the neighborhood. No parks anywhere close to their spawned locations but the neighborhood homes DID have business stores behind them along a stretch of road that was connected to a plaza of sorts. After darting both I now have my gryposuchus up to lvl 18 now. And yes my Purrolyth is up to lvl 20, more like lvl 22 to be honest. One last thing my Domino’s store and the two locations where I found the gryposuchus is located in the heart of local/zone 1 with the other gryposuchus that I saw in between the Toppers pizza and the fast food fish restaurant are located on the literal dividing line between local zone 1 & zone 2. I’ve NEVER SEEN one anywhere in or around zone 3 or zone 4 (which is where I live.)

I have never seen one in the wild. I only completed it because of the Dinosaur of the Week event. They made it far too hard to find in my opinion.


I found one at a park 3 months back.

Actually found two today. Haven’t seen it in months

When they first put it in the game I saw the dumb thing all the time, and then I darted it during the event they had for it. I had a ton saved up and was able to make grypolyth - not that I’d ever use the useless thing, far too slow and easily countered with the huge number of high level amor and shield breakers out there.

so park spawns can spawn anywhere in the wild also?

But I’m working so hard to unlock it, it’s a unique so it’s gotta be good. Maybe you’re playing it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Potentially anything can spawn in the wild.

Every Dino you shown on that Dino pic diagram thing except for Darwinopterus (sp?) and maybe Purrolyth I HAVE PERSONALLY seen ALL over the place in the wild (I.e. main roads, in and around businesses/small shops, outdoor malls, little strip joints, plazas, schools, major thoroughfares etc. and not hardly ever at any parks when I’m at work, heading to and from work, or at home!!

since yesterday, if u drive 10-20 miles, can find one in the wild…otherwise need to open an epic scent

it is global epic like trex…but spawn sucks!

I travelled about 30 miles today and didn’t see one in either town nor in between. Spawn sucks is an understatement. I shall try epic scents tomorrow and see what turns up then.

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Drove around a ton this morning after work and had the same results. Found plenty of other epics but even going around the perimeter of several parks I still didn’t notice any grypos.

Grypo is out on the town as of yesterday(?)

sino and mono disappear…all becomes grypo…

hope they will buff grypo unique if they really want people to upgrade it.

As Pocemon told us last time,

“Grypolyth is a very capable offensive counter meta tank that can output 3,000 Damage per turn and is a safer counterpart to Diorajasaur, so try and get as many of its components as you can!”.

Found 3 tonight. As it is it’s terrible but hopefully it’ll get buffed.