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My Grypolyth gripe

My Grypolyth gripe is that I think lockdown strike should do 1.5x dmg instead of 1x.

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test it with same level i-rex…see how many turns it can take

I have found x3 in the past two days so far. They are always in random, non park locations.

So today I ran an Epic scent in my local park zone but guess what, no Gryposuchus at all. I had 4 Pteranodons (which is was very nice I might add), and about a dozen rares - 5 of which were Triceratops ha ha. But no GRYPOSUCHUS! C’mon Ludia you’re supposed to be running a Grypo distribution, so distribute them already. :tired_face:

Up here in NYC they started showing up around the flushing Horace Harding L. I. E. To fresh meadows area

OK I finally spotted my first one since the global migration (event) started… I ran out of work and darted it quick! Goodness only knows why they didn’t include Gryposuchus in this current ‘counter-attack’ event.

Another weekend and not even a sniff of a Gryposuchus, are we actually having an event/increase in spawn for it?

only saw three for the whole week… womp womp womp…

Pretty underwhelming “event”. I have only seen 1 of these since this event went live.

I just went on a moonlit dino hunt last night, I heard something rustling in the bushes, it nearly freaked me out. Then this appeared.

What I don’t understand is why on earth they don’t have this as a reward for events instead of dishing out the useless Secodontosaurus, Grypo is nearly as useless but at least it has a hybrid that we’re waiting to see in game.