My guild is borked

Day 3…

Cant see whos on, cant see whos even in the guild. Dont even have a member list…

Cant mute, cant kick, cant promote, cant do anything other then chat and donate. Luckily we have a great bunch and I havent needed any modding yet, but I need this fixed asap.

Requesting dev help please!

Cant disband, cant leave the allegiance. Litterally nothing I can do at all.

Try cleaning cache.

Tried everything I can already.

Cleared cashe, cleared data, uninstalled the game and reinstalled it (more then once). Same thing.

Thanks though :blush:

Try cleaning glue. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


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Hey there, @GorillaGlue, this is definitely not the way that Alliances are meant to function! Can you reach out to our support team so that they can figure out what is causing this and prevent it from happening again in the future? They can be reached at, and including your support key and any screenshots you might have would really help us out. Thanks!

Thanks John, much appreciated bud. :wink:

Hello, could a mod or a dev please PM me? Tyvm.

For this, us Mod’s can’t help, you will need to contact Support.

Thought I would make a very short, very basic and simple vid to show whats its like to have a bugged alliance in JWA.

Still waiting for some help…