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My Hard work , Time , all spent gone after new update

How to claim back my booster . Previous tier 1 start from 2 now start from 100 . Even it is rebate 1k plus but not even for me upgrade until tier 5 for my 10 creatures now All my spend is gone . Feel upset and just feel been cheated by game. And I can’t even see any refund button , even you said “ can Click Refund”


The circular button on the right when looking at a boost type is refund. However, it will only refund 50 boosts for every tier, so that’s half.

You’ll only get half back If you refund.

So if under consumer law . This is consider cheating users or players .


Yes under consumer laws they are stealing.

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I sent Ludia a nasty email. They basically took my money.

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If I had spent money, I would claim it back. You spend money for boost to get determinated targets. Its dissapointing that everything change


How exactly are they stealing? The T&C show they have the right to alter their game at any time. They have given you all the boosts back that you bought - more even! Yes these are worth less in game, but would likely cost the same in real world money.

I get it sucks feeling like the big boys have been nerfed, but please keep some perspective. Ludia are well within their rights to do this.

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They haven’t stolen anything. Read the T&C.


No, Robbed not stealing is the word i like!

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T&C does not over ride the law. I’m not saying they have or have not broken the law, just saying T&C are not legally binding when the company breaks the laws.

Any company could put in “We reserve the right to pilfer through your house and take whatever we want.” It doesn’t mean they can.

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In a court of law, they would win. They didnt take money you a.product. You know how much you were.offered and.agreed to pay for that much.

You dun see people going changers when the money they changed.lost value in the time they held it.

That depends, did they take actions that influenced the value of the money? Then that makes them culpable.

However, unless you are in Canada… good luck with legal proceedings from a foreign country or the US.

That said, I’ve had several hundred dollars refunded by ludia for this game in the past.

They reserve the right to readjust the values of their stat boosts. :100:

If you can’t play this game for the Long Haul anymore and you are part of the “got to have it now” crowd, then more power to you and enjoy your free time that would have been wasted on this game.

They should have changed Tier levels to a scale of 10-100. Then the winners (sic) would be excited that their hard earned boosts that got them to Tier 5 have now earned them Tier 30!