My hardosaur update

I just feel like we have too little hardosaurs so here are examples of hardos that need to be added

  • Corthyosaurus

  • Lambeosaurus

  • Saurolophus

  • Eolambia

With this update there will be new moves: HEALING moves. Example ( Minor Healing strike ) Cleanese. Deal 1×. Heal 25% Max Hp. Two others like this but a 33.34% and 50%. It will not be priority, giving chompers to deal there big DMG.

Lambeosaurus move set

Minimal Healing strike
Superioty Impact
Stunning strike

I’ll continue to talk about hardosaurs this week, since Easter. If you want to help me with these types of ideas, let me know. At 2pm pacific I’ll edit


In jw alive I want the hadrosaurus, the boss of the family, as an epic

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It would be too OP. If you would be able to cleanse self AND heal infinitely and would have a lot of health (all hadrosaurs do), you would just keep healing and the opponent’s creature couldn’t do anything if it is not necesarilly a chomper. I would give more hadrosaurs Regen and run.

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