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My hatred for this game only grows

I try my best to stick with this game…try to get past the ridiculous matchmaking…the 10dna fuses that exhaust alllll your dna. The serious lack of any useful dinos on the map in my area…the fact that evade hasn’t worked in about a month!! But I still can’t not hate this game. The matchmaking…every damn time the opponent gets the upper hand! In the last 100games I’ve Not Once had the best Dino to start with! I always go up against the Dino that is put in the game to trump my one! Pretty much go 2-0 down within first 20secs!! Example if I put in tryko…opponent uses indoraptor…that’s a quick KO for him. If I choose a random tank…it’s always Thor…and that ends in two crit blows that ends my Dino. I’ve not had the upper hand in any battle for like a month. I’ve never been first to ko their Dino! Opponents always beat me 3-0 or 3-1…if I finally win which is stupidly rare…it’s 3-2 and BARELY just made that happen! This can’t be chance!! There is nooo way in hell that the opponent luckily chooses the counter Dino for mine EVERY damn time! Screw this game…so poor. I thought it was a game of strategy…it’s not…it’s a game of luck, and the luck is almost always in the opponents favour

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So, what’s your team then?

Did you cancel vip just before this remarkable run of bad luck?


Hit the nail on the head there hahah

Not the worst team. Not much to improve there. I guess you have a point then, you’re in the suck-zone. Hope you find your enjoyment again out of this game. For me it’s just getting all dinos.


Perhaps any epic dinos you can level up to team lvl to replace one of your lower lvl uniques?

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Upper Aviary?

You have entered the suck zone. I’m right there too.

I got frustrated, changed half my team to level 6&10 creatures. Same trophy range players, but with lower level teams. I was crushing them more often than not.

They need to base matchmaking on trophies only. Right now there are lower level teams in the same trophy range we aren’t getting matched with.

I got tired of getting wiped by level 28/29 creatures with basically the same team you have.

I will not be fodder for the whales.

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@Aaron_Frost Yeah with those lvls Magna, Erli and Erlikospyx its almost impossible to battle against higher lvl teams. You need two or three lvls on all of those to be capable of taking out higher teams.

@DragonHunter Never changed any of my team to low lvl dinos and was able to compete with higher lvl teams. Mostly had difference 1 or two lvls between my team dinos. As I’m trying to make lvl 28 team for campain difference grow up to 4 lvls difference (got Thor to 28 yesterday). Can’t get enough Draco to lvl up Rinex higher than 24. Dio also stuck cause Tryko is closer to 28 and can’t afford to lvl both as I rarely see Anky on Sundays.
Rarely get demolished 3-0 or 3-1.

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Maybe get The proceratominus up a few more levels as I’ve got a fair bit of dna for that! The bummer is I’ve saved a lot of coins to evolve those uniques…but getting dna for them is crazy slow. It’ll take over a month to level one up at times…especially with the 10dna fuses. And now to save from all these losses I’ll have to use those coins on lesser dinos. This game really gets you between a rock and a hard place

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Definitely hit a major plateau

I’m at 4649 trophy’s. As I’ve moved up from 42xx after no real PvP in 3-4 months, I’m getting to more even teams but expect to be hitting this blood bath zone if/when I get to that 4800 mark.

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When the meta changed from TANKS to DG2 and THOR and later DC, the maches become faster then before.

The function of tanks was to slow the battles down.

Nowdays the battles are around 2-3 min instead of 5-6 min.

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Fairly similar team to mine. I’d generally start with Magna but its only L24 and is starting to get outclassed. Starting to lead with Tryko as I’m seeing more Erliko first up.

Are you boosted? Sadly its a prerequisite to get to 6/6/6 to hold even.

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I’ll put in Erliko and get put up against a crazy boosted tryko (that obviously lands all crit hits). Then if I put in tryko I’m met with major boosted indo or Thor! My team is boosted but none are boosted past tier 6! Also of late it seems every opponent dinos crit hits me…on nearly every turn. And I’ve not had a crit hit in forever. I’m definitely at a point where this game refuses to let me progress. I’ll dominate a battle to then be 2-0 up…to lose 3-2 after a series of ridiculous crit hits! Also…serious question…is evade in need of debugging? As I can’t actually remember the last time it worked for me

Speaking about evade, I recently had a battle where the opp indo (lvl29 at that!) evaded 3 times successfully, had to use like 2.5 dinos to bring it down haha. Needless to say I lost the match and was feeling pretty sucky. Battled again immediately and my Indo was picked, went evasive and evaded 3 times on the roll! And the best bit, the third evade was from a rat SIR lol.

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