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My heart just melted

Just did a friendly trying out some of my new critters.

Let me say, this thing here:

Has the most adorable attack animation!
It does a little hop when doing its impact and DS. Its too damn cute! :rofl:

Also noticed that the animations were a little different for ES on the Kelenken hybrid.


So easy to dart and accumulate DNA as well!

Question is - what to call it … Inos, Evia (Evie) or Trance? :thinking:

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I’ll probably call it Ino or Inos.

I had soooo many spawn on a Giga scent and even some naturally around my house.

Stats @ lvl26 are 3900 Health and 1000 Attack

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I’d probably call it Evie

I named mine Stevia.


is she going to be worth a slot in the next torunament? those revenge moves are going to be cool to try out against legendary creatures.

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I was trying to think of nicknames for my new creatures and for this one I came up with Winston. I was looking at the name and saw “Stan” right away and being the Jurassic franchise, I thought of the late great Stan Winston and thought it would be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:


I went with Inos myself, I love this little dude. I’m darting as many as I can. Gotta catch him up to the rest of my commons re: DNA storage.

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Not hard to do with how many of this little guy I’ve been seeing.

Oh yeah, he’s the new archaeotherium.

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I shall call you Inostra

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I named mine Insomnia

I call you Insomnia

Call it Insomnia