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My hopes for an Alloraptor Unique (3 Ideas)

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m digging Alloraptor’s design. It’s sort of an antithesis of a raptor type; they are usually meant for burst damage on chompers and the like. I think if it got a super hybrid, it could be very unique (pun intended) in its ability to knock down tanks. Plus it could the first unique with the raptor form!

Here’s my 3 fusion ideas in the directions it could go keeping Rending Takedown and decel immune as a staple.

  1. Alloraptor+Carnotaurus
    “Different Huntress”
    -A raptor hybrid that has a mastery of rending to breakdown even the largest HP pools with a mix of defense.
    Distracting Impact
    Rending Takedown
    Shield Advantage
    20% Rending Counter
    • Immune to Deceleration
    ~3800 HP
    ~1400 Attack
    ~126 Speed
    ~10% Critical

  2. Alloraptor+Gorgosaurus
    “End Thief”
    -A raptor hybrid that has capitalized on offense, able to deliver monster blows when allowed to set up.
    Ferocious Impact
    Rending Takedown
    Definite Rampage
    • Immune to Deceleration
    ~3500 HP
    ~1570 Attack
    ~126 Speed
    ~20% Critical Chance

  3. Alloraptor+Postosuchus
    “Thief King”
    -A raptor hybrid that hunts by deadly ambush.
    Definite Strike
    Precise Pounce
    Rending Takedown
    Ferocious Impact
    Swap in Definite Strike
    • Immune to Deceleration
    • Immune to swap prevention
    ~3900 HP
    ~1250 Attack
    ~127 Speed
    ~20% Critical Chance

So each one fits in a different niche that Alloraptor started. Allovenatrix goes all out on rending down health pools. Omegaraptor can dish ridiculous damage fit for a mini-chomper. Raptanax can ambush in when a positive matchup opens up. Raptanax could be controversial, but it can’t regenerate like a certain other creature so it’s unable to return continuously.

So what do you guys think, would you go for any of these? Personally for looks I’d take #1 lol, but door #2 appeals to me for arena use. But I’m not a professional meta kit designer so who knows how good, bad, or ugly these would be :sweat_smile:. What do you hope Alloraptor gets fused with? I know it’s early since the update is just days old, but I think it’s always nice to get ideas out early in case the @Ludia_Developers snoop around for inspiration.


why not all three? I love all of them. But only if allo g2 is not a sanctuary exclusive anymore.


I love Omegaraptor the most! What crazy damage! Alll are awesome, though the other 2 look like they would have the cooler designs

If i were to make a hybrid, i would use a new dino, like yutyranus for exemple
Yutyranus (epic):
3700 HP
1300 damage
123 speed
Persistent ferocious strike

Alloraptor + Yutyranus: The fluffy Slayer lol
3600 HP
1350 damage
126 speed
10% crit
0% armor

Persistent ferocious strike
Definite rampage
Rendind takedown

Immune to deceleration

I would love If the first raptor unique had ferocity!


OOOOH. :star_struck:


Yutaraptor :grin:


Raptanax wouldnt be too controversial imo. It only is a swap in strike, not a rampage, and it doesnt even stun or anything, so it would be fine. I love them and really hope Alloraptor gets a good unique


Isn’t Rending Takedown and the Ferocity boost equal to 90% hp? (60% + 50% of that) would a crit OHKO?

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Probably correct, though i guess It doesn’t matter since all faster dinos will defeat It and most slower dinos will be defeated by It since it’s immune to decel. Everything that is faster is a counter, some will distract, so It won’t be lacking in counters. Not a problem imo If that’s the case.

that would be pretty much it. thylacotator does something of the same thing with DP and rending takedown. I’ll need to run the numbers to be absolutely sure a crit would OHKO tho.

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Raptanax sound nuts with the Ferocious boosted RT! You’re a madman ahaha XD. You’ve got cool ingredients for all three to be honest.

If I were to take a go at making something I’d I’d try putting Entelodon to use!

Allodontoraptor - (Unique) Name is akin to something like “Strange Toothed Thief”
Anti Bruiser/Speedster Raptor
HP - 3900
DMG - 1300
SPD - 125
ARM - 10%
CRT - 10%

  • Distraction
  • Pounce
  • Mutual Fury
  • Definite Rampage
  • Swap In Savagery *
  • Passive: Immune to Decelleration
  • Passive: Immune to Stuns

Think of an Alloraptor with the odd facial features of Entelodon like the knobs on its lower jaw and the exaggerated cheek bones, along with some fur. It trades a bit of speed for a considerable bulk increase by raptor standards.

It now has access to two rampages along with the addition of Mutual Fury to get the jump on speedsters that don’t have speed-ups and proceed to kill them with 3900 Definite damage. Alloraptor is better at taking out huge tanks like sauropods and other bulky tanks but doesn’t quite get the jump on evasive speedsters due to its speed. Allodontoraptor fills this role at the expense of toning down its Rending potential toward larger tanks

However, it does retain a trace of its Rending capabilities with Swap In Savagery. It has a big weakness to Distraction and its swap-in move has to be used carefully with no reliable cleanse beyond Mutual Fury. It makes a great revenge killer vs slower enemies or a lead to swap out of to swap back in for the finish later.


I’m sure they have had the hybrid created for quite sometime. I assume that they’ve had all the dinos made but release them slowly to make the game longer and stuff.

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Welp, i just hope it’s not another erliko/deino/chicken hybrid, we already got plenty of those :rofl:


I legit thought Erlikospyx was gonna be a Spino Unique with Erliko claws but nope. Was a bit dissapointed about that one aha.


Thanks guys!

I love that Yuty hybrid idea @Isaah_Wii! That would be so cool and the kit is great. I hope yuty gets added so we can do something cool with it like that. Giga and ceratosaurus too. They’d make such cool hybrids!

That Allodontoraptor sounds pretty great too @SuSpence26. All that bulk and damage is just what I’d hope for in its unique. That’s exactly the design trend I was going for and hope that Ludia goes for too

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Same here. Both silhouettes of erlikospyx and spinoynx or whatever it’s called looked cool then I created them and they both look dumb haha. I was hoping the unique would be awesome.

I just hope that whatever hybrid Alloraptor gets, it sticks with the raptor design model. I would kill for a unique raptor that uses the V-Raptor design model. There’s a whole plethora of possibilities it could look like.


Wait so omegaraptor has ferocious impact and rending takedown and definite rampage. Good thing it’s only 126 speed :sweat_smile:. I love it but maybe is a little op. The others are great.

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Yeah I kinda imagined it as a mid speed damage beast. It only has Ferocious Impact and Distraction on turn 1 so you’d have to be very careful when you bring it in since there are so many utahsinos, erliko hybrids, and promimus’s around. Anything that can stun or distract would whip it pretty good I imagine. That would be the hope anyway that it would have available counters :sweat_smile:

True any dino with speed higher than 126 can take him out but it’s very good against tanks and even chompers which i love it.

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Yeah hope it keeps the raptor look and the allo g2 colorway. I like it just the way it is now. I’m really worried.

First off, allo g2 looks awesome.
Not created by Ludia^^

I was worried they would ruin an allo g2 hybrid.
In step 1 they did not, they made an amazing looking dino in alloraptor.

Now I’m worried about what they will do next.
I hope it keeps allo g2 and delta as the dominant features. It should look very similar to now but maybe with a little more ‘edge’