My I-Rex sucks! :D


6 times I’ve used him now and he hasn’t dodged a single attack!

And no it isn’t because the cloak has been nullified.



Well clearly we haven’t met because mine has not been evading or dodging using my indo or indom


Just lost a battle where indo dodged twice in a row … So if you wait a while it will happen


Sounds legit. Cloak is a pure gamble. Each tine you use it, you have a 50/50 shot of it working. Sometimes you’ll get both dodges, maybe you’ll get it where it dodges only once, or you’ll get unlucky and it can’t dodge. I learned it the hard way and from other players. The only good thing fron cloak is that power boost…but that’s it. Otherwise it’s just a weaker version of the Trex.


He’s been dropped from my team now. Not only has he failed to dodge every time (over a dozen times where the cloak hasn’t been nullified), most of the time he’s been killed before getting to do his high damage attack post cloak.


Its more like a 20-33% chance. :crazy_face: Think I’ll just boost up T Rex.