My idea for aquatic dna

As yk aquatic creatures has long been requested for i have a new idea, why not have a new resorce, like dna however you do not use a creature you would instead do a battle event of different difficulties u would then get a incubator which will give u some dna you would jse this for hybrids like ammata from jwtg, they would be in the dino deck have info but be like u haven’t unlocked them u would nt need to get them to a level butt itll cost more per try of a hybrid they would have stats and custom moves every one below is dna for mosasaurus ill be making ammata soon if you think this a hood idea what are your thoughts

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You mean Armormata?

Yea that one

This is justa concept for what it could be

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At this point I wouldn’t mind if a separate game was made for them instead so that they won’t cause more lag on the game


Yea but theres not that many that they could do tbh so i think my idea works alil better but idk lmao i could submit this to ludia tbh

They would probably break the game even more if they tried to add aquatics.

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Yea thats y its just a resorce u do battles for

Basically removing idk a common incubator for maybe banogimus

Also btw if you want me to make a creature using aquatic dna request it here

Duncleosteus, mosasaurus, elasmosaurus.

Duncleosteus, mosasaurus, elasmosaurus.

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