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My Ideas for a fix for Grypolyth


Lets be honest Grypolyth is kinda trash so here is my idea for a fix for it.

Health is kept the same but attack increased to a nice1200(at level 26)
Speed changed to 126 and crit chance increased to 20 or a unique(pun intended) 15 percent
Lockdown strike swapped for DS rampage
FS is kept
Long protection swapped for exploit wound
DS strike for Vulnerability strike
DS swapped for AP counter
I feel like this change would make Grypolyth an interesting dino and an actually useful one
I am also very interested in other peoples opinions on this topic and I would like to hear them.


I still think impenetrable armor would be cool, and make it useful against, well… it would just make it useful.


I agree, at the moment its basically useless


Grypo and the other crocs would be tiers better if they had pinning passive. As long as the croc is alive the opponent is pinned. It would make them so much more useful, and it would free up moves in their set to things that are more useful.


Grypolyth: Loses shattering strike and lockdown strike

Gains Vulnerability Strike, Shattering Impact, and Passive Pin


that sounds perfect, an awesome buff for the crocs


I see only one solution for all counter attackers theropods:
a % of health back on every hit! (7 or 8)
And for purro and grypo,it should be a higher % (like 12 or 15)


TBH, I think one of two things needs to happen.

Either Lockdown Strike becomes Lockdown Impact or something in that vein (to make it an actually useful move, currently is basically just Pinning Strike).

Alternatively (and I would prefer) change the move to being Instant. That way you can use it against hit&run teams very effectively. It would also make this fellow a bit dangerous against many other dinos because even if he dies, gaining initiative on the second turn after a ferocious strike would mean that their next dino is almost guaranteed KO by the follow up.


Sounds good, I don’t have grypolyth, but I still like it very much! Justice for grypolyth!

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I’ve said it before in another post, I’m sticking with mine and hoping they make it useful in they future. Only L23, but let’s face it, gryposuchus is hard to find!!