My ideas of some Dino buffs

You are probably going to disagree with me but I just get the feel that Tyrannolophosaurus should get a bit of damage reduction because it has Dilo DNA maybe 50 or 75 percent

How fo you make spinotahraptor cunning fierce when it doesn’t even have an armor peircing DS or Fierce on it. Add:
Armour piercing strike
Distracting strike
Distracting Impact
DS impact

Even if I don’t have this one give ardentismaxima a bit of damage reduction back it already lost so much health so leave some of it. Maybe take away Swap Prevention instead

Spinotahsuchus is hot garbage it needs more attack you need to boost it to the heavens if you want to make it decent

dilocherius needs some love too my idea is

Cunning strike
Cleansing impact
Revenge Rampage
Greater Group Heal
It would honestly be a balanced creature instead of 2 abilities out of four that heal. Especially as a unique hybrid

As annoying as it is it is still pretty bad Give Pteraqueztal a buff maybe
Ferocious Strike ( lasting only the turn it was used on)
Precise Superiority strike
Nullifying rampage
Long Defense impact
ON ESCAPE Increased attack and crit chance

Those are all my ideas about what dinos need slight or big buffs to make them way better or on the really good side

There are many unique (or superhybrid) creatures that are not worth it today, but Ludia focuses on the most used and thus leaving them in oblivion. just look at utarinex before 2.0, forgotten and set aside

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For Pteraqueztal what if it got on escape Enrage? Basically Ready to Crush but an On Escape.

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True but But Dilo can be a raid Dino

I did not say that dilorscheir does not work, only that for the meta, it does not work well

Gashing Wound is fierce.


Its a bleeder, so it doesn’t need high attack to do a lot of damage. That said, it does need some help. Getting speed decrease immunity wouldn’t hurt.


My take on spinotha

Strike changed to fierce strike, a bit of a health buff, 1 point speed nerf, decel immunity, and cunning impact changed to cunning rampage.
And spinotasuchus

He gains health and damage, loses speed, gains decel resistance, minor swoop changed to cleansing swoop, critical impact changed to ferocious strike

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Where is the pterodactyl I love them

Dilo gen2 has the most damage between it, tyrannosarus rex gen2 and tryrannolophosaur

I think they mean it should get Distraction resistance

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