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My improved teamline + Indoraptor level 10?

Hi friends,
Before some time i asked here, if I can create Indoraptor g1, also i also get recommending from a friend, to made Ostapo max level and Monostego + Tapejalocephalo lvl 30 for better ferocity and improveding my team. So after 21 days, here is, how my team looks now, + how did looks my team before. What you all thinks?

Also i have question: My current ferocity first three creatures is:
13 478.2 – indoraptor g2
11443.4 – Ostapo
10 173 Tapeja

If i lvl up my indoraptor to level 10, ferocity should be:
13 608.6 – indoraptor
13 478.2 – indoraptor g2
11443.4 – Ostapo
That seems more balanced to me, so Should I?

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The AI most probably calculates your opponents based on the average ferocity of your strongest three creatures. But it does this not only for one fight, it does this for three, four or five fights and multiple events in one day.
That means it is absolutely vital not to look only if your three strongest creatures are balanced, better take care that your 15 or more strongest creatures are balanced.
The more the better.


I think my team is balanced as i keep vips numerous backup at the same levels as you can see in second screenshot

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I see, what I do not understand is why you specifically asked about the average ferocity of your top three.

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I read somewhere here in forum, AI count ferocity your 3 most powerful creatures

It does, but you must have more than three creatures with a comparable ferocity as your top three to have enough for all the fights.
I always try to keep the difference of the average ferocity of my strongest 3 to the average ferocity of my strongest 15 (or 30) as small as possible.


Worrying about just your top three is fine if you can use them over and over again or if you love to spend DInobucks on recovery, but when you can only use a creature once a day, or once a week, you have to pay attention to having multiple teams


1x per day is okay. but more than a day, yes tah one must be use carefully.

Osta is two days of cooldown so only use on Wednesday and Friday…Indoraptor gen 2 its more than 1 day cooldown…

I think you shouldn’t have merged your super hybrids to level 30 of course unless you have a ton of herbivores and pterosaurs and I think in the only legendary event you’ll not be able to use them, just in fight for fusion and no restriction events…

Have enough legendary ptero thx vips

And hybrids?

Legendaries? No yet

Hybrids all type…

Have done all common rare and super rare hybrids

Think about a carnivore only event were you have to do 4-5 battles and only use carnivores that’s potentially 12-15 carnivores where the strength of the teams you will face will be based on your top three +/- 5% of your top threes average.